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Welcome to

This e-stress management portal website is for CEO's only.

The Members Only Area of this website is protected by a 256 bit encrypted password.

Only authorised CEO's will get entry to this exclusive TIPS e-stress buster club.

We have not registered this website with any search engine but they still manage to find us!

CEO's who have qualified to join have to take our TESQ (TIPS Electronic Stress Quotient Quiz).

Only CEO's with a high TeSQ score become eligible to obtain membership of

Members will receive monthly tips for managing physical, mental and spiritual stress. Visiting CEO's can click here to take your TESQ e-stress level test.

Instructions for Visitors:

  • All visitors must register at Visitor's registration desk immediately

  • Instructions to join will only be displayed after you complete TESQ quiz by clicking here*


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Instructions for Member CEO's:

  • Login with your Username and Password

  • Click on the Membership link from Site Navigator

  • Re-enter your Password for added security

  • Read through the latest TIPS for CEO's

  • Click here for Easy Navigator Menu

  • You can directly download Power Point Presentations by clicking on the file names

  • New tips will be uploaded on the !st of the month as usual

  • Kindly enter your password, when prompted

  • Multiple logins from same company require authorisation from us

  • User names and Passwords will automatically lapse unless you renew your membership

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